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Join us for the 

32nd Annual Conference

New York State Association for Behavior Analysis!

October 27-29, 2021

at the Albany Capital Center

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New York State Association for Behavior Analysis

Important information for ABA providers

We have been made aware that some providers have been receiving notices from
insurance companies that they will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid.

At least in some of these cases, the provider will be automatically enrolled UNLESS they
return a written notice to Opt Out of enrollment. If you would like to be enrolled in
Medicaid, you can do so or ignore the letter and be enrolled. If you do not want to be
enrolled, you need to formally refuse. If you do enroll in Medicaid by not writing to opt
out, you will be bound by all Medicaid rules and regulations, including the rate.

As always, behavior analysts should make sure that they are as well informed as
possible regarding the terms and conditions of any contract or service agreement into
which they enter.

Disclaimer: This is for the educational purposes of our members; this is not legal counsel.