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NYSABA Winter 2014 Newsletter - 25th Anniversary Edition

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The New York State Association for Behavior Analysis (NYSABA) would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Avonte Oquendo, a child with autism who died after wandering from his school.

Recently, the Interactive Autism Network reported that children with Autism were 8 times more likely to engage in wandering than their siblings without Autism, documenting the need for the development of additional evidence-based interventions. NYSABA is fully committed to helping both parents and professionals to develop better strategies to address this commonly-displayed, challenging behavior.

Further information on wandering and tips for safety and reducing this behavior can be found on the WebPages of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment ( and the Interactive Autism Network at the Kennedy Krieger Institute (“bolt”-safe-places). Questions related to NYSABA’s efforts to build better capacity within NY State for supporting persons with Autism can be sent to: NYSABA (

Legislative Update

March 6, 2014

Dear NYSABA Members and fellow BCBAs and BCABAs in New York:

The chapter amendment for S6395 passed the Senate on Thursday, 3/6/13!  A brief summary of the modifications included in the chapter amendment are as follows:

Section 1: Licensed behavior analysts and certified behavior analyst assistants are added to the list of mandated reporters in Social Services Law.

Section 2: Clarifies that services unrelated to an ABA plan can be provided without a license or certification.  This section also specifies that duties of an early intervention Aide may be conducted under supervision of a qualified supervisor, provided that the activities do not require professional skill or judgment.

Section 3: Adds the Office of Children and Family Services to the list of agencies with a time-limited exemption from this licensure requirement.  It also increases the time limit for the exemption from July 1, 2018 to July 1, 2020.

Now that the chapter amendment has passed the Senate (unanimously, with no debate!), SED can start working on the character and fitness form, which is needed for BCBAs and BCABA’s to apply for state licensure and certification, respectively.  This is great news and we hope to have great news regarding the process for immediate licensure shortly. 

Keep checking back for important updates!

-Kimberly Shamoun

Chair of the Public Policy Committee



Licensure Law for Behavior Analysts –

Questions and Answers


Additional Questions? E-Mail us at


You can visit

to read a press release by the Governor’s office.

NYSABA is grateful to all of you who worked hard to make sure this bill was signed into law!


Mary Hadley, of Hillside Family of Agencies, Debbi Napolitano, President of NYSABA, Heather Walker, Board Member of NYSABA, Julie Buick, of The Advocacy Center, and Ann Cole of AutismUp present

an award to Assemblyman Joe Morelle for his tireless legislative work on behalf of children and families living with autism as well as behavior analysts.









SIBS Club is designed to enhance relationships and interactions

between children with autism and their siblings. Through skills

instruction for the children with autism, sibling group activities, and

inclusive recreation activities, children learn critical skills to develop

positive sibling relationships that will last a lifetime.


Find out more HERE






Thank You!


The 24th Annual Conference of the New York State Association

for Behavior Analysis was a huge success!


Special Thanks to our Keynote Speakers:

Cathleen Piazza, Ph.D., BCBA-D & Wayne W. Fisher, Ph.D., BCBA-D

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