Legislative Committee Update - October 2016

The Legislative Committee has been very busy since the last conference.  In July, two Legislative Interns (Sally Izquierdo and Theresa Fiani) were selected to join the Legislative Committee.  Sally and Theresa are Doctoral Students in the Behavior Analysis Training Area at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York with the sub-program at Queens College.  With their hard work, we have been able to move forward on several critical action items in the past few months. Below, are highlights regarding: the current status of licensure, key points regarding Pathway Two toward licensure, the scope restriction and completed action items.


Current NYS Region Breakdown of ABA Professionals

*LBA/CBAA as of July 1 2016

**BCBA/BCaBA as of Sept 30 2016

Differences may be partially accounted for by BCBA exam passing post 7/1


  • Current Licensure Status: Initially, there were two pathways to obtain licensure. Pathway One was a “Grandparenting” provision in which already certified BCBAs could obtain a NYS license without fulfilling the additional NYS requirements. That provision expired on January 9, 2016. As a result, Pathway Two, discussed in more detail below, is now the only option to obtain licensure now.  BCBAs/BCaBAs/non-certificants must meet the requirements in Pathway Two (including education, experience, and exam requirements).  See http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/aba/abalic.htm for details.

  • Key Points regarding Pathway Two:

    1. Be aware of key differences between the BACB and NYSED (NYS Education Department) regarding supervision requirements: # of supervision hours required per week, supervisor qualifications, and contractual arrangements

    2. Be aware of key differences between the BACB and NYSED regarding experience requirements: hours need to be spent working with individuals with an autism diagnosis AND a prescription for ABA services.

    3. Be aware of key differences between the BACB and NYSED regarding education requirements: coursework in autism is required. For applicants to get licensed without needing to go through an independent program review, their coursework needs to be obtained at a licensure-qualifying or NYS-registered program

      1. Two university programs are currently licensure-qualifying in NY: view the list here: Licensure-qualifying: http://www.nysed.gov/COMS/RP090/IRPS2C

      2. To obtain the list of programs that are registered in NY, go to http://www.nysed.gov/COMS/RP090/IRP2BB

    4. Applicants must also pass a New York State administered examination

  • NYSABA Legislative Committee tasks targeting removal of the scope restriction:

    1. Prepared sample letters for students, teachers, families, psychologists, physicians, and LBAs/CBAAs to send to their Legislators regarding the scope restriction

    2. Identified Advocacy groups to reach out to regarding assistance with lobbying

    3. Secured Lorri Unumb to provide a free grassroots advocacy workshop at the annual conference

    4. Gathered information on all of the licensure laws in other states

    5. Created a comparison list of licensees in all NYS counties to identify individuals in each region who can be contacted to reach out to their local legislator

    6. Drafted letters to University programs asking about the impact of the scope restriction on their programs










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