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Senior Program Specialist/LEAD BCBA


The Senior Program Specialist/LEAD BCBA position requires a deep commitment to working with children and youth with developmental disabilities and autism. The successful candidate will work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team in a center-based day treatment program and therapeutic group practice.

Responsibilities include:

Provide quality, evidence-based, best practice Behavior therapy services to clients using professional standards of practice while complying with HIPAA, the BACB’s professional board ethics, third party medical service provider contracts and in accordance with BGC policies and procedures. Work in collaboration with other disciplines, in the Center to establish, and clarify, full spectrum of ABA Therapy principles and practices, frameworks and policies uniquely tailored to provide both inpatient and outpatient services, including, but not limited to providing evidence-based, best practice, ABA service delivery to clients, writing internal policies and procedures, organizing assessment resources & tools, creating forms, assisting with training manuals, writing operational guidelines, program implementation, classroom setup, evaluation areas, therapy room setup, office setup and more. And, support any other needs that arise to help BGC develop an efficient and operational infrastructure as an ABA provider in SC. Develop both inpatient (Center-Based) and outpatient (Clinic) treatment plans including short-term and long-term goals as well as frequency and duration of treatment plans to promote the child’s optimal level of functioning. This shall also include incorporating home program activities for parents and caregivers to promote carryover to the home environment and successful attainment of goals. Provide ABA training to BGC center-based staff and other therapists in the clinic for how to effectively, and efficiently, implement the use ABA practices and principles, in a generalized manner, across all environments within BGC to achieve maximum results for each BGC client and participant. This may also include administrative staff when working with incoming patients with challenging behaviors. Supervise ABA staff ~ Review evaluation reports, treatment plans, goals, and home programs. Provide guidance and feedback as needed. Competitive salary and compensation package. Located in beautiful Charleston, SC

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