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Behavior Specialist/Technician


Salary: $20/hour

The Behavior Specialist/Technician reports directly to a BCBA Supervisor or Administrator in the department and is responsible for the provision of direct one to one behavioral intervention to teach communication, social and daily living skills and reduce problematic behaviors in the home. Behavior Technicians will utilize interventions developed out of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and will be supervised by an experienced BCBA. Services to be provided in the presence of a parent or legal guardian.


  • High School diploma required; BA preferred

  • Minimum 1 – 3 years’ experience in ABA, DTI and Autism

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Valid NY State Driver’s License required


  • Provide high quality therapy to individuals on the Autism Spectrum by implementing the treatment plan as designed by the BCBA supervisor and only in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. Follow Behavior Intervention Plan.

  • Provide ABA therapies including but not limited to discrete trial training, incidental and/or natural environment teaching. Observe, monitor, and record data on client’s activities and progress

  • Enter service notes contemporaneously in WEBABA

  • Maintain weekly ongoing communication with assigned BCBA supervisor

  • Ensure family’s satisfaction of services. Track & monitor cancellations and make-ups weekly.

  • Collect data and complete paperwork as indicated by the BCBA supervisor

  • Participate in meetings with the BCBA supervisor & collaborate with colleagues, parents, and supervisor

  • Collaborate with colleagues, parents, and supervisor

  • Attend trainings on crisis prevention, applied behavior analysis and data collection as indicated.

  • Provide skills training to assist with functional communication, social/interpersonal and daily living skills.

  • Effectively manage client’s challenging behaviors while providing a safe and supportive environment

  • Be goal-oriented and maintain professionalism in all aspects of your work

  • Arrive to cases on time and remain consistent with scheduled sessions

  • Perform other duties as assigned

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