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Update on NYSABA’s Efforts to Remove the Scope Restriction:

Kevin Quinn (NYSABA’s Lobbyist), Kim Shamoun (NYSABA’s Legislative Co-Chair), and Gina Feliciano (a LBA and Constituent in Assemblywoman Glick’s district) met with Assemblywoman Glick to discuss concerns with the scope restriction and the impact that it’s having on our most vulnerable populations, practitioners, and universities in New York. The following are action items based on our discussion:

  1. Gathering information on what specifically LBAs do and where they practice.

  2. The impact removal of the scope restriction will have on other professions – this will involve getting feedback from other professionals and having these professionals write to their local legislators.

  3. Getting information on the folks who are obtaining reimbursement through insurance for ABA services – identifying underserved populations now accessing ABA services.

Our constituent maps have been updated as we gear up for our lobbying efforts which will begin in September. We have many resources available to assist folks in reaching out to their legislators. NYSABA and our field need the help of practitioners, students, families, faculty members, and other constituents to remove this scope restriction. The following are just a few of examples of the damaging effects of the scope restriction:

  1. Students are opting to not attend educational programs in ABA in NY

  2. Practitioners are not recommending that BCBAs/LBAs from other states move to NY

  3. Students and graduates from ABA programs who are seeking experience hours are struggling to accrue hours because of the requirement that the clients served have both a diagnosis of autism and a prescription for ABA services

We need at least three constituents in each Assembly and Senate District to assist us in lobbying for the removal of this scope restriction. Please see links to our constituent maps below and if you are in a region that is not in red, please join our efforts by reaching out to our legislative committee at and ask to join in our grassroots advocacy to remove the scope restriction. If you are in a region that is red, but you haven’t joined our efforts yet, please let us know and we can connect you to folks who are lobbying in your district.

A link to the Senate and Assembly Constituent maps with regions we have 3 constituents identified in is located below. If you live in a region that is not in red and you haven’t joined our grassroots advocacy, please reach out to us at and join our efforts.

Senate Constituent map

Assembly Constituent map

We will be sending prompts for particular actions towards our goal and updates often as new co-sponsors sign on across the state. Please keep us informed of your efforts and progress so that we can follow up with any particular questions or issues a representative may have and so that we can recognize you and include your data in our updates. Email any information to

The Use of Unlicensed Practitioners in the Delivery of ABA Services:

On Friday, August 18th, The New York State Department of Education modified their FAQs on their website. Please go to the following web page and notice the changes to sections 49 and 50: These changes were accomplished through the hard work of our legislative committee, Leo Junquera, Kevin Quinn, and JoAnn Smith from Autism Speaks. Thank you all for your work on this very important interpretation of the law licensing behavior analysts. Misinterpretation of the law can impact services for thousands of individuals with autism and their families.

With our sincere thanks,

NYSABA Legislative Team and NYSABA Board


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