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Legislative Committee Update - June 2017

The current legislative priority for NYSABA is to remove the scope restriction for LBAs and CBAAs limiting our practice to individuals with a diagnosis of autism. Did you know that this is the only restriction of this kind in New York and in any of the 26 states that currently license behavior analysts? While, the practice of ABA is defined in the same or similar manner in New York as it is elsewhere, when implemented by a behavior analyst or a certified behavior analyst assistant, in NY, this scope restriction exists.

NYSABA is committed to removing this unnecessary and harmful scope restriction. Our efforts to remove this restriction along with the timeline are illustrated below.

Highlights from Lobby Day in Albany:

  • Sponsors obtained

  • Action items:

  • get constituents reaching out to their local legislators (via phone, letters, and in-person)

  • put information together on differences between behavior analysts and psychologists

  • provide a list of populations with whom behavior analysts work

Ways to Stay Informed:

Current Goal: Get the bill out of the committees and on the floor for a vote

Ways you can help achieve this:

  • Call your Senator and Assemblyperson and ask them to co-sponsor if they are not on the lists obtained on the websites above.

  • Send letters to your Senator and Assemblyperson providing them with background on the bill and asking for their support.

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to call their Senator and Assemblyperson.

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to write letters to their Senator and Assemblyperson.

Go to: Template letter And customize a letter to send to your Legislators showing your support of these Bills. Pre-written letters are linked below and include additional information on a variety of issues beyond the scope of the current law.

Agencies Alzheimer's BCBA Challenging Behavior Families of ASD Families of DS

Families Physicians Psychologists Self-advocate Students Teachers

Universities Do's and Don'ts

Thank you for your support. You can make a difference!


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