Legislative Action Toolkit

Your Action: Urge your legislators to co-sponsor Bills S4967-A (sponsored by Senator James Skoufis) and A6389-A (sponsored by Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes); here is the current list of co-sponsors.

Why: Because these bills support the removal of the scope restriction on the practice of behavior analysis; read this 1/9/2020 NYSABA press release


What Exactly You Can Do: See this Task Analysis and make your action plan; the following are helpful links and documents:

  - Find your Senator
  - Find your Assembly Member
  - Call your Legislator (video modeling)
  - Call your Legislator (key talking points/script)
  - Write to your Legislator (sample letter)
   - Action Alert

We Need Your Action NOW!: The current education law has negative impacts on everyone, including practitioners, students, current and potential recipients of ABA services, and people with ASD or other diagnoses and their families. This presentation will give you more detailed information. 


The Senate and Assembly are in session only through June 19th. We need your support NOW!

Questions?: Contact the NYSABA Legislative Committee (nysabalegislative@gmail.com).

(What MORE You Can Do)

Send Thank-You Notes: If you've reached out to your legislators and/or they're already co-sponsors of the bills, follow up and thank them for their supports.

Write Op-Ed Pieces for Newspapers: This is another powerful way to communicate the issue to the legislators and the people in the community. See this sample op-ed piece.

Volunteer to Assist with Making Calls: We continue calling agencies, universities, and other institutions and individuals to ask for their support. Please join us for this effort.

Support Families' Actions:  If you know families who can benefit from behavior analysis and cannot access services for their loved ones, help them to reach out to their representatives. Read these letters from two families (Letter 1; Letter 2) who are directly impacted by the law.

Need Any Guidance? Want to Volunteer?: Contact the Chair of NYSABA Legislative Committee, Debbi Napolitano. (nysabalegislative@gmail.com


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