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Legislative Update:

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Updates regarding bill A.10454 (NY Licensure)


NYSABA's lobbyist, leadership, and public policy team met with representatives of NYSED’s Office of the Professions today.  One agenda item discussed was implementation of the new law that allows the BACB exam to become the licensure exam for New York Behavior Analysts and provides a route to licensure on the basis of national certification.  Although the implementation time listed on the bill is immediate, this does not account for the fact that NYSED will need to establish processes and policies to implement this path to licensure, consistent with the law.  We do not yet have a specific timeline for this. In the meantime, the standard pathway and procedures for licensure are still in effect.  NYSED will reach out to applicants in the coming weeks to inform them about the alternative path to licensure. Any specific questions about licensure law should be directed to NYSED.

Please see the attached Memo of Support:

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