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CEUHelper Information

Follow the steps below to get ready to collect CEUs at the NYSABA Conference with CEUHelper.

Step 1: Create an account: You can also create an account and login directly in the app.


Create an Account

Step 2: Get the App: Download the app on your phone. Open and use the app for most of the features.


​Step 3: Watch the Tutorial: Watch the latest video tutorial for more information on using  the app.  Watch Tutorial


​Note: Make sure to update  to the most recent version  if you have  CEUHelper from a previous conference. You can update through your devices app store.


​Other important info:

  • ​Add to your list of trusted emails on your email account so you don't miss important announcements.

  • ​"Join the Conference" in the app at home or work. Joining and leaving a conference requires an internet connection.

  • The app will work offline for most features once you join the conference.

  • CEUHelper nor the conference are responsible for providing WiFi or reimbursing data charges. Data rates may apply while using CEUHelper.

  • You do not need to leave the app open during your conference. Just open the app when you need to check in or out of an event.