Legislative Update and Call to Action:

YOU are amazing.  You have made a huge difference in our efforts, but we still have a way to go.  


Update:  Our bills, S4967a (sponsored by Senator Skoufis) and A6389a (sponsored by Assembly Leader Peoples-Stokes) are still in the Higher Education Committees.  Sessions in NY are two years, and we are in our second year of the bills NOT being added to the agendas for either committee. We need the bills to be added to the agendas before they can be voted on and referred to the floor for a vote by all Senators and Assembly members.  If the bills don’t make it onto the agendas this year (before the end of May) we will need to start over again.


The “a” on the bills is the amendment.  In order to move the bill forward we did compromise and agreed to leave the prescription requirement in the law.  While we are not in favor of the prescription and think it is problematic, the amendment has helped improve support for the bill.  The current bill in the assembly and senate removes the word autism from the current license.  


Good News:  Because of everyone’s hard work we currently have 38 co-sponsors in the assembly and 18 in the senate, and growing.  This is great news. This demonstrates large support for our bills – but it is not enough. We need many more co-sponsors to demonstrate this is an overwhelmingly supported bill.


Call to Action:  We will be sending you regular updates and requests for help.  We MUST have as many voices as possible in order to move this forward.  There are many things you can do:


  1.  Email your representative and ask them to co-sponsor the bills (go to this link for language and how to find your representatives).    

  2. You can go here to see if your representative has signed on to the bill.  If your representatives have signed on, please email them to thank them!  

  3. Email us at nysabalegislative@gmail.com to get on the advocacy alert email list and find out more about upcoming events.


We especially need families and self-advocates to voice their concerns.  Families who cannot get services because their family member does not have autism AND families with family members who have autism but struggle to find services because of the crisis in meeting capacity due to the scope limitation.  If you know a family who is struggling to get services, please ask them to contact their legislator. We have language especially for families, also in Spanish. 

If the family member is interested in being more involved (e.g., coming to advocacy day, writing editorials, being interviewed by media) please have them contact us at nysabalegislative@gmail.com


We will be sending you regular updates on initiatives to move the bills forward.  Please be active and engaged. This will only happen if we have many voices from across the entire state!    


NYSABA Legislative Committee

Questions or concerns?  Contact us at nysabalegislative@gmail.com


Please also check the NYSABA website regularly for updates:  www.nysaba.org


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