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Information from NYSED

As per Erin Dowd, Education Credentials Specialist II, NYSED Applied Behavior Analysis Board office (personal communication, June 10, 2020),  “Subpart 79-17.2 ( defines full-time experience as at least 20 hours per week and part-time experience as at least 10 hours per week but no more than 19 hours per week, which must be distributed over at least two days per week. The regulations also require that supervision occurs weekly and includes at least 2 hours per week of face-to-face individual supervision, but does not make a distinction between full and part-time experience. The Department has interpreted this requirement to apply to full-time experience and has prorated the requirement to be 1 hour per week of face-to-face individual supervision for part-time experience. In all cases, no more than 3 hours of supervision may be considered part of the weekly experience hours.

For more information about the Laws, Rules, and Regulations pertaining to the Practice of Behavior Analysis in NYS, please see the NYSED, Office of Professions, ABA website

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